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Frequently asked questions about accounts, courses, CE credit, technical requirements, fees, and more.

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Table of contents

1. **INTRO**

Use the Table of Contents box to find answers to the most common questions and issues that site users experience at HCIN Learn.
If these pages do not address your concern, please write to support@hcinlearn.org. Allow one business day for a response.


Why this site exists, and whom it is for.

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2.1. Who is the site for?

The courses at HCIN Learn are intended as Continuing Education (CE) for individuals who are currently working as medical interpreters in the USA. Our courses are approved by the major national certifying agencies. For details, look in the Table of Contents for the section on Certificates and Continuing Education Units.

If you are entering the career of healthcare interpreting, we strongly suggest that you look into training programs that will qualify you to be employed in this field. These programs are offered both in-person, and online. The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters maintains a list of ONLINE PREREQUISITE PROGRAMS that can help you get started in the profession.

After you have some professional experience, and perhaps national certification, then you can use the courses at HCIN Learn to continue your training.

2.2. Site Sponsor

HCIN Learn is a project of the Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN), a national consortium of hospitals and health systems that share language interpreter services over a video network. We created these courses for the hundreds of interpreters on our network, and they have proven equally popular with the larger community of healthcare interpreters in the US.


Hardware, Software, etc.
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3.1. What hardware/software do I need?

Our courses are tested on computers, and should work on a Mac or PC with any modern browser. Your settings must permit javascript and cookies.

Some users prefer to take courses on mobile devices, but “your mileage may vary.” If you must use a phone or tablet, and have difficulty using the site in your mobile web browser, try downloading the Moodle app for iOS and Android.

Technical Requirements

In order to navigate our courses successfully, you will need the following:


  • A computer (recommended) or mobile device with broadband internet connection. You do not need to do the entire course on the device you are using right now; you can pause the course on one device and resume working from a different one.
  • Computer speakers, headphones or earbuds.
  • An up-to-date web browser, configured to allow javascript and cookies.
  • If you are on a corporate network, such as a hospital, your network settings must permit streaming video from Vimeo.com. If you can watch this brief clip, your  settings are ready to go. 


  • A voice recorder, to capture your own practice. This could be a smartphone, a dictation recorder or a cassette recorder—whatever you have available. See Using a voice recorder for interpreting practice for suggestions. Required for Palliative Care course.
  • Adobe Reader (a/k/a Acrobat Reader) for PDF documents. Required for Palliative Care course.
  • Microsoft Word, for some auxiliary downloads.
  • A printer, to print out download versions of some of the course materials
  • Pen and paper, to take notes, and for writing exercises in Palliative Care course.

3.2. How do I report a glitch or bug in a course?

If you believe you have found a software “bug” or an error in the course, please copy the page URL (the internet address at the top of your browser controls) and include that address in your email to support@hcinlearn.org. This will help us track down the possible problem.


Questions about user accounts, passwords and log-in problems, etc.
Choose a topic from the Table of contents box.

4.1. Do I have an account? Do I need one?

Most activities on the site (including all the CEU courses) require you to log in with a user account (Username and Password).

If you:

  • Take VRI calls over the Health Care Interpreter Network (see here), and
  • Have a network ID, and
  • Have done an orientation with the HCIN Program and Quality Director,

then you probably already have a user account. 

If you need an account, use the New account page. You will need an email address, and your browser must be compatible with reCaptcha, so we can verify that you are a real person. It may take up to 15 minutes or so for you to receive the confirmation email.

We do not sell or share your email address or personal information to outside parties.

Please do not create multiple accounts; one is sufficient, and makes it easier for us to find you and help you. If you simply need an account with your current email, name, etc. you can update the profile on your existing account.

4.2. No password/Bad password/Old email

If you have ever used this site before, you have an account.
Please, DO NOT CREATE ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTS! It's better for you, and for us, if you keep all your work in one account. Yes, even if you have changed jobs!

"I have an account, but I can't log in"

  • Logging in requires a username and a password. The username is often first initial, last name, e.g. dhuerta (not case-sensitive), and is usually NOT an email address.
  • Your profile does include an email address. What was your email address when your account was set up? (If we created the account for you, we used your work email at that time.)
  • If you can check the email that is linked to your account, then use the Lost password? page. It will ask for your username or your email address, and if there is a match, it will send a password re-set link to that email address.

"My email address has changed, OR I prefer to use a personal email address"

  • If you know your password, you do not need any email address to log in. So:
    • First log in, then
    • Tap the icon at the top right of any page, and "Edit My Profile" to update your email address and other details. 
  • If you DO NOT know your password, AND you don't receive a link from the Lost password? page (or you know the link went to an old email you cannot access), please write to support@hcinlearn.org and give us as much info as you can:
    • Your name, (and any variant spellings you used in the past)
    • Your username, if you know it
    • The old email address that you can't check anymore.
    • Some evidence that you are, in fact, the account holder.
  • We will look you up in the database and, once we verify your identity we will update your email address and re-set your password for you.

"I DO know my password, but I want to change it"

  • Great! Go ahead and log in with your current password. Once you are in, tap the icon at the top right of any page, and choose "Change My Password" to update your password. Store it somewhere safe!

"I have never had an account"

  • Welcome to HCIN Learn, we are happy to have you here! To enroll in courses, you will need a free user account. We don't spam you and we don't share your personal info with anyone. Create your account here.

"I am half-way through a course on one device, and my other device says I am not enrolled"

  • Congratulations, you have two user accounts (Or maybe three?). 
  • You can generally pause on one device, and resume your work on another (We don't advise stopping in the middle of a video or timed activity). So if one device says you are in a course, and the other says no, they are probably logging into different accounts. Check the log-in info for the device that is working correctly, and use that username/password to log in manually on the other device.
  • If that doesn't help, write us at support@hcinlearn.org

4.3. What if I forgot my username?

Go to the Lost password? page, and enter the email address associated with your account. In a few minutes, you will get an email with your username and a link to create a new password. (If you know the password but forgot the username, you may not need to change the password.)

4.4. I want to update my password, email, or name

If you have a working password, log in. Then use the Edit my profile link in the “Main menu” box on the Home page. The box may be on the right, or down at the bottom of the page, depending on your device and browser.

You can change your name, email address, or password, your home town, and edit the language pairs that you interpret (e.g. English/Mandarin).


Questions about selecting courses, enrolling, fees, and navigation within courses.
Choose a topic from the Table of contents box.

5.1. How do I view the course description?

In the Courses list on the Home page, click on the i to the right of the course title, to see a brief course description, the number of CE credits, and the enrollment fee.

5.2. How do I enroll in a course?

To enroll in a course, click on the course title on the Home page. This will take you to the Enroll page.

On the Enroll page, click the gray "Make Payment" button at the bottom. This will take you to the payment processing site (PayPal.com). On this page you have two choices:

1) Log into a PayPal account (if you have one), OR

2) Use Guest Checkout (No PayPal account required). With Guest Checkout, you can pay the fee with

  • American Express card
  • Discover card
  • Mastercard (credit or debit)
  • Visa card (credit or debit)

Once payment is complete, you should be redirected straight into the HCIN Learn course (Course Start Page) and you can begin the coursework.

HCIN Network Interpreters Only:

On the Enrollment options page, look for the red “Enroll me now” button. If the page contains this button, use it and do not use the gray button (more details)

5.3. How do I get to the course(s) I am already enrolled in?

Website: Look for the “hamburger” icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left corner of the page. That pop-out includes your “My courses” list. This list is also found in the “Navigation” box. Click on a course name to enter the course.

Moodle App: Use the "Dashboard" link to go to courses "in progress."

5.4. Do I have to do the course all in one sitting?

No, the course is hosted on a server that remembers your progress. You can leave, and come back. You can work on one device at the office, then continue on a different device at home.

You may see a dialog asking if you want to resume where you left off, and you may have to repeat one or two pages.

If you complete a Lesson, and later the course tries to make you repeat it, make sure your browser has “cookies” and javascript enabled.

5.5. How do I navigate through the course?

Each course has a Start Page, with the name of the course in a headline at the top. This is the page where you land when you complete your enrollment or click on the “My courses” link from the Home page.

On this Start Page there is a series of activities listed: One or more lessons/activities, then usually a Post-Test, then a certificate. You must start with the first activity, and do each in order. Completion of one activity will unlock the next. When activities are listed in the main window of the Start Page (all courses except Palliative Care), you can usually see which ones are completed, by looking for the checkmark in the checkbox to the right. The next activity will generally be dimmed (gray) until the current one is completed.

At the end of a lesson, you typically see a choice to “Continue to (next lesson)” OR “Return to (name of course/goes back to Start Page). Either choice will let you navigate through the activities.

If you are not sure if you have finished or not, look on the Start Page and see if you have completed every listed lesson, activity, and quiz. Please do this before you write to us to ask “Where is my certificate?

5.6. Can I take the course in a different language?

  1. Course content: Most of our courses are presented in English; some are in other languages, intended for interpreters of those languages. See the course title and description. This content cannot be changed.
  2. Site interface: The parts of the website that help you navigate, see your course list, update your profile, etc. can be transla

5.7. How long does my enrollment last?

For courses you have enrolled in since 2018, enrollments do not expire. Feel free to re-enter the course and refresh your understanding of the material.

5.8. I don't have a PayPal Account

You do not need a PayPal account to pay the enrollment fee.

We use PayPal.com to process payments. PayPal users can use their PayPal accounts if they choose to.

If you don't have a PayPal account, or don't choose to use it, you can use PayPal Guest Checkout.

With Guest Checkout, you can pay the fee with

  • American Express card
  • Discover card
  • Mastercard (credit or debit)
  • Visa card (credit or debit)

Once payment is complete, you should be redirected straight into the HCIN Learn course (Course Start Page) and you can begin the coursework.

5.9. I paid, but did not get enrolled!

HCIN Learn uses PayPal to process payment of enrollment fees. When you select a course, the gray button on the "Enrollment options" page directs you to the PayPal site. Once the transaction is completed, you should be redirected back to HCIN Learn, and you should land in the Course Start Page to begin the coursework.

On rare occasions, users go through the transaction at PayPal, and when they land back at HCIN Learn, they get an alertbox saying

"Thank you for your payment! Unfortunately your payment has not yet been fully processed, and you are not yet registered to enter the course..." 

This annoying message means that PayPal failed to send the required "Instant Payment Notification" to HCIN Learn to confirm that the payment was received.

We sincerely apologize for this nuisance. Please take these steps:

  1. Wait 10 minutes, then re-enter the course and see if it permits you to start working. If not:
  2. Check to make sure your payment went through You should have a receipt from PayPal (if you used someone else's PayPal account, that person will get the receipt)
  3. Contact support@hcinlearn.org and provide
    • Your name and HCIN Learn username;
    • The name of the PayPal account holder, if different than your own;
    • The course title you are enrolling in.

We will enroll you manually and notify you that you can begin working.

5.10. Can I take courses for free?

HCIN Learn is a project of the non-profit Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN), and interpreters who take video and audio calls on an HCIN-provided videophone are eligible for free courses. On the Enrollment options page, look for the red “Enroll me now” button. If you do not see this button, but believe you are eligible for free courses, contact support@hcinlearn.org with your workplace and HCIN network ID (e.g. “jr738”) so we can verify.

5.11. Can I get a refund of my course enrollment fee?

If you enroll in a course by mistake, or accidentally re-enroll in a course you took before, write to support@hcinlearn.org and we will consider your refund request. No refunds are granted after a certificate has been issued.


Questions about the live webinar presentations organized from time to time by HCIN Learn. 
Choose a topic from Section 5 of the Table of contents box.

6.1. What is an HCIN Learn Webinar?

Several times each year, HCIN Learn presents live webinar events that are open to all professional healthcare interpreters. These events are:

  • organized and curated by HCIN (Health Care Interpreter Network);
  • often presented by professionals from our member hospital sites, or by experienced freelance interpreters;
  • hosted by CCHI, the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters.
  • approved for optional Continuing Education credit, through a separate process.

Webinars are free to attend (for the first 500 to sign up), but documentation of CEU credit is optional, and carries a fee. See How do I get CEU credit for attending a webinar?

6.2. What is the difference between a webinar and a course?

Courses: You can start an HCIN Learn course at any time, and do it on your own schedule. It’s completely up to you, however you are working by yourself.  You must pay an enrollment fee to enter a course. 

Some of our courses are based on recordings made of our webinars.

HCIN Learn Webinars happen “live” on a particular day and time, with experienced presenters discussing special topics of interest to healthcare interpreters. Participants can ask questions via a text-box, and get real human answers in real time. Our webinars are curated by HCIN, and hosted by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI). To see if there is an upcoming webinar scheduled, check the HCIN Learn Home page. Webinars are free to attend, but participants must pay an enrollment fee afterward, if they want CEU credit.

6.3. How do I enroll in a webinar?

Webinars are not always available. We do them four to six times per year, and each one is announced several weeks in advance on the HCIN Learn Home page.

If you see the announcement, you can follow the link to pre-register. Because the live webinar events are hosted by CCHI using their GoToWebinar platform, you will pre-register first at CCHI's GoToWebinar page. Please use the same email address you use in your HCIN Learn profile, so we know it's you.

If you need CEU credit for your participation, you will return to HCIN Learn after the event is over. There is nothing special you need to do before or during the webinar itself—just pay attention!
See “How do I get CEU credit” for details.

6.4. What are the technical requirements for attending a webinar?

CCHI generously hosts our webinar events, using their GoToWebinar® platform.  To attend using a PC or Mac, you will be prompted to download a small application. To attend using a mobile device, we recommend that you plan ahead and install the GoToWebinar® app from the App Store or Google Play, prior to the day of the webinar.

  • Go HERE to check that your device and internet connection are webinar-ready.
  • Go HERE to review the complete system requirements for attendees.

6.5. How do I get CEU credit for attending a webinar?

To receive Continuing Education credit toward renewal of your CoreCHI™, CHI™ or CMI certification, you will need to take these steps:

  • Pre-register for the webinar. The link to do so will be shared via email and on the HCIN Learn Home page.
  • Attend the entire webinar. There is nothing else you need to do in advance.
  • Wait for an invitation email containing a private web link. It should arrive within one business day after the webinar ends. This private link expires after several weeks.
  • Use the private link promptly to pay an administrative fee and generate the certificate (PDF download) that documents your CEUs.

Please Note:

  • If you don't need CE credit, you don't need to do any of this.
  • We will not email the certificate to you.
  • Don't delay! If you allow the private link to expire (after several weeks), you will lose your simple path to getting CEU credit for your webinar. At that point, you will have to:
    • Enroll in the self-paced version of the webinar, here at HCIN Learn (same fee applies);
    • Listen to the webinar recording;
    • Pass a quiz to obtain the CEU certificate.

If you don't receive the invitation email, it may be because:

  • you entered your email address incorrectly when you pre-registered, OR
  • our records show you did not attend for the minimum amount of time required to qualify for credit.

Please re-read your email carefully for details, before contacting support@hcinlearn.org for assistance.

See Also:

6.6. I attended a webinar—Why haven’t I received my certificate?

See “How do I get CEU credit for attending a webinar?” 

6.7. I missed a webinar. Can I watch it later?

All our webinars are recorded. In many cases, we convert the webinar recordings into  short courses that anyone can listen to on HCIN Learn, beginning several weeks after the live event. Course enrollment fees apply. See “What is the difference between a webinar and a course?” 


Questions about CEUs for professional interpreters.
Choose a topic from the Table of contents box.

7.1. Do courses earn CEUs? Who approves the CEUs?

All courses in the Continuing Education for Interpreters category earn CEUs and are approved by CEAP (CCHI) and IMIA/NBCMI. A few are also approved by Washington State DSHS.

The number of approved CE hours/units that a course earns is shown on the course enrollment/payment page, and is also displayed on the certificate you will download at the conclusion of the course.

7.2. How many CEUs will I get?

To view CEU information, click on the i to the right of the course title on the Home page.

7.3. CEUs for Sign Language Interpreters?

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf: RID Certified interpreters can earn CEUs for an additional $25/course by initiating the Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA) process before starting the course. 

HCIN Learn is partnering with the independent organization CEUs on the GO! to offer this service.

CEUs on the GO! PINRA Process: 
  1. Before starting the activity, please fill out this PINRA form.
  2. Start the course.
  3. Complete the course.
  4. Send your Certificate of Completion to CEUs on the GO! at ceusonthego@gmail.com
  5. CEUs on the GO! will invoice you for the $25 processing fee.
  6. Submit payment.
  7. After payment is submitted, CEUs on the GO! will process your CEUs through RID.

7.4. Where is my certificate?

HCIN Learn does not email certificates. If you have earned a certificate, you will have the opportunity to download it at the conclusion of your course.

  • If you have never seen your certificate:  Check the course Start Page (this is the landing page, when you click on the course title) to make sure you have completed all activities. Completed activities are shown with a check mark in a box to the right of the activity name. For most courses, successful completion of the Post-Test unlocks the link to the Certificate page.
  • If you had your certificate, but cannot find it: Log in to the site with your Username and Password. You should see the “Download Certificates” box on this page, as well as on the home page. This box lists certificates you have earned since January 2018. Certificates earned before that time cannot be retrieved.
  • If you need a certificate that is not listed: If you believe you have earned a certificate since 2018, and you don’t see it listed in the “Download Certificates” box, check to make sure you are logged into the correct account. Many problems emerge from users having more than one user account.

7.5. Can I change the date on my certificate, or take the course again to get a newer date?

No. If you have taken a course since 2018, you are probably still enrolled in it.
If you re-enroll in a course you have already completed, the certificate will still show the original date of completion.

7.6. **MORE HELP**

If this information does not help you, please write to support@hcinlearn.org. We generally respond within one business day. Weekend requests may not get a response until Monday.