Help / FAQ: Using HCIN Learn


3.1. What hardware/software do I need?

Our courses are tested on computers, and should work on a Mac or PC with any modern browser. Your settings must permit javascript and cookies.

Some users prefer to take courses on mobile devices, but “your mileage may vary.” If you must use a phone or tablet, and have difficulty using the site in your mobile web browser, try downloading the Moodle app for iOS and Android.

Technical Requirements

In order to navigate our courses successfully, you will need the following:


  • A computer (recommended) or mobile device with broadband internet connection. You do not need to do the entire course on the device you are using right now; you can pause the course on one device and resume working from a different one.
  • Computer speakers, headphones or earbuds.
  • An up-to-date web browser, configured to allow javascript and cookies.
  • If you are on a corporate network, such as a hospital, your network settings must permit streaming video from If you can watch this brief clip, your  settings are ready to go. 


  • A voice recorder, to capture your own practice. This could be a smartphone, a dictation recorder or a cassette recorder—whatever you have available. See Using a voice recorder for interpreting practice for suggestions. Required for Palliative Care course.
  • Adobe Reader (a/k/a Acrobat Reader) for PDF documents. Required for Palliative Care course.
  • Microsoft Word, for some auxiliary downloads.
  • A printer, to print out download versions of some of the course materials
  • Pen and paper, to take notes, and for writing exercises in Palliative Care course.