Courses that earn Continuing Education general credit for professional healthcare interpreters. Courses are approved by CEAP/CCHI and IMIA/NBCMI. A few are also approved by Washington DSHS.

If you need Performance-Based credit hours for CEAP/CCHI, please see the CEU Courses (Performance-Based Credit) category

Codes of Ethics (COEs) are a set of guiding principles that intend to help individuals in their decision-making process when encountering dilemmas or choosing a best practice. But COEs don't provide guidance on every situation an interpreter might encounter, nor consider the context in which these situations occur. This course describes the role of ethical codes/principles/standards, and describes how interpreters can use critical thinking to navigate ethical dilemmas.

CCHI: 1.5 hours (ID: 10333).
IMIA/NBCMI: 1.5 hours/0.15CEU (ID 23-1255). 

$20 enrollment fee.

Not Your Enemy: Bilingual companions and staff can make for challenging encounters but partnering with them and the rest of the medical team can turn them into an asset. This course aims to educate interpreters on how to manage a session effectively when there are other bilingual people present. 1.5 CE hours (CCHI, IMIA/NBCMI. Not approved for WA-DSHS). $20 enrollment fee. 

Practitioner-style interpreting vs the interpreter as purely a "message converter." Techniques such as educational scripting, teach-back, visual aids, and interpreter "visibility" to enhance comprehension, trust, and the clinical outcome. 1.5 CE hours (CCHI, IMIA/NBCMI. Not approved for WA-DSHS). $20 enrollment fee.

Review of the "National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care" published by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) and how interpreters apply these standards in day-to-day work, including mediation/advocacy situations. This independently-produced discussion is not endorsed by NCIHC. 1.5 CE hours (CCHI, IMIA/NBCMI. Not approved for WA-DSHS). $20 enrollment fee.

A brief introduction to the ethics of healthcare interpreting, based on prevailing standards set by professional associations in the field. $15 enrollment fee, 1 instructional hour for CEAP/CCHI and IMIA/NBCMI. Not approved for WA-DSHS.

This course addresses general  principles that will help in any medical or surgical specialty, and focuses specifically on concepts and vocabulary related to interpreting for patients who require anticoagulant medications. 

Today, many patients are prescribed direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs), and for these patients, some course content specific to monitoring in the "Coumadin Clinic" may be less relevant. For some patients, DOACs are contra-indicated, and warfarin (Coumadin) with clinic monitoring remains the treatment of choice.

$25 enrollment fee, 2 instructional hours (CCHI and IMIA/NBCMI).

A webinar recording (audio plus a few slides) on interpreting for providers on inpatient rounds. Presenters are two experienced interpreters at a leading pediatric hospital. $15 enrollment fee, 1 instructional hour (CCHI, IMIA).

Introduction to interpreting for mental health: A recording of a 2019 webinar presented by mental health professionals from Hennepin Healthcare. Overview of the field; how to prepare for a visit; techniques and interventions used in psychotherapy and mental health visits; tips on accurate interpreting in this setting; interpreter self-care. $20 enrollment fee. 

CCHI: 1.5 accredited hours (#08868)
IMIA/NBMCI: 0.15 CEU (1.5 hours, #19-1052)
WA-DSHS: 1.5 general credits (#590) if completed by April 16, 2024.

A recorded webinar by an experienced interpreter, sub-titled: "Compassionate Healthcare Interpreters with Boundaries." 1.5 CE hours (Approved by CCHI, IMIA/NBCMI. $20 enrollment fee.

"Building Resilience: A Marathon, Not a Sprint" is a recording of a presentation on emotional self-care for interpreters, delivered as a live webinar in 2020, a year of pandemic and social unrest.  

CCHI: 1.5 accredited hours (ID: 9376)
IMIA/NBCMI: 0.1 CEU (1 hour, ID: 20-1170).
$15 enrollment fee.

The challenges of conveying humor appropriately, even when we do not have similar jokes or equivalents in the target language. Recording of a webinar presentation from Spring, 2020. 1.5 CE hours (CCHI, IMIA/NBCMI). $20 enrollment fee.

How to adapt interpreting protocols written for in-person healthcare settings, for working remotely, including what interpreters do at the beginning, during, and at the close of an encounter. $20 enrollment fee.

CCHI: 1.5 accredited hours (#04544).
IMIA/NBCMI: 0.15 CEU (1.5 hours, #19-1096) 

An overview of the organs and functions of the gastrointestinal system, including some common diseases, clinical procedures and useful terminology. $35 enrollment fee/30 days access. CCHI: 3 accredited hours (general credit). IMIA/NBCMI: 3 hours (0.3 CEU). 

Tips and tricks to help interpreters get more useful results from internet searches (e.g. Google). $15 enrollment fee. 1 instructional hour (CCHI and IMIA/NBCMI).