Courses that offer at least one hour of CEAP/CCHI-approved "performance-based" CEU credit. See course description for details.
If you are not CCHI-certified, or do not need "PB" credits, be sure to check out the courses in the categories Continuing Education Courses (General Credit), and Language-Specific/Culture-Specific Courses.

This course reviews ear anatomy, the process of hearing, types of hearing loss, tests and treatments, and offers simple tips to make your job easier when working with patients who have hearing loss This content is suitable for interpreters of all languages. Course DOES NOT address sign language interpreting or any services for the Deaf.

The course was developed by and for English↔︎Spanish interpreters, and requires converting vocabulary terms between those two languages. Additionally, the interpreting practice scenarios present an English-speaking provider with a Spanish-speaking patient. Interpreters of other languages can do 80% of the interpreting practice activity, by interpreting only the talkative provider into your target language.

CEAP/CCHI: All interpreters earn 1.5 accredited hours (Program ID: 10135); Spanish interpreters only can count 0.5 hours of this time as Performance Based credit.
IMIA/NBCMI: Approved for 1.5 hours/0.15 CEU (ID 23-1160).
$25 enrollment fee.

This course was developed by trainer/language access consultant Cynthia E. Roat, MPH to help interpreters to work effectively with genetic counselors, and with patients identified as having cancer, or who may have an elevated risk of cancer. The course includes didactic presentations, a realistic case study scenario, and interactive activities, including practice interpreting phrases, with jargon specific to the sub-specialty, from English to the patient language. $45 enrollment fee.

CCHI: Three accredited hours, including one hour Performance-Based (ID #10169) for interpreters of Arabic, Chinese and Spanish.
IMIA/NBCMI: 3 hours/0.3 CEU (ID 23-1107).
WA-DSHS: 3 general credits (#728).

Physical Therapist with patient and interpreterDiscussions about interpreting in the physical therapy setting, followed by self-paced vocabulary and interpreting drills.
CCHI: 3 accredited hours (includes 1 hour performance-based for Spanish only).
NBCMI: 3 hours/0.3 CEU.
 $45 enrollment fee.

What are autism spectrum disorders, and how does genetics fit into the picture? This course, developed by trainer/language access consultant Cynthia E. Roat, MPH, addresses key concepts in the field; some basic information about genetics and genetic testing; some common treatments for children with ASD; and challenges for interpreters when interpreting for ASD appointments. Includes vocabulary, as well as practice interpreting and sight-translating. $45 enrollment fee.

CEAP/CCHI: 3 accredited hours, including 1 hour performance based (Program ID 09989).
IMIA/NBCMI: 3 hours/0.3 CEU (ID 22-1245).
Not currently approved for WA-DSHS.

Anatomy and causes/treatments for female incontinence. Didactic lesson plus solo study, including some interpreting practice.  $30 enrollment fee for 2 accredited hours (CCHI includes 0.5 hour performance-based). also IMIA/NBCMI 2 hours (0.2 CEU).

Concepts, skills and terminology for interpreters in palliative care and end-of-life settings. $65 enrollment fee. 

Course is appropriate for interpreters of all languages, but is optimized for those who interpret Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, or Vietnamese.

  • CEAP/CCHI: 7 accredited hours, inc. 2 Performance-Based, ID #00172
  • IMIA/NBCMI: 7 CE hours (0.7 CEU), ID 18-1219
  • Washington DSHS/LTC:  Approval #587 (for 7 general credits) expired 3/24/2024. Your credits are valid if you completed the course on or before that date.
  • however DSHS does not accept the wording of the course certificate. To get DSHS credit, complete the course and email the certificate to; we will send a certificate suitable for Washington DSHS. 

Key concepts in human genetics (similar to the Prenatal Genetics course), covering the work of pediatric genetic counselors, and the interpreting challenges that often come up in this setting. Includes vocabulary as well as useful interpreting practice. $45 enrollment fee. 

CEAP/CCHI: 3 instructional hours including 1 hour performance-based.
IMIA: 3 hours (0.3 CEU). 

A rigorous introduction to  key concepts in human genetics, covering the work of prenatal genetic counselors, and the interpreting challenges that often come up in this setting. This course includes a lot of technical vocabulary as well as useful interpreting practice. $45 enrollment fee. 

CEAP/CCHI: 3 accredited hours (includes 1 hour performance-based for Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish), Program ID 08862.
IMIA/NBMCI: 3 accredited hours (0.3 CEU), ID 19-1026.
WA-DSHS: Approval #584 (3 general credits) expired on 3/24/2024. Your credits are valid if course was completed on or before that date.Important: Do not submit course certificate to DSHS! Complete course, then email certificate to We will send you a certificate suitable for Washington DSHS.