4.1. Do I have an account? Do I need one?

Most activities on the site (including all the CEU courses) require you to log in with a user account (Username and Password).

If you:

  • Take VRI calls over the Health Care Interpreter Network (see here), and
  • Have a network ID, and
  • Have done an orientation with the HCIN Program and Quality Director,

then you probably already have a user account. 

If you need an account, use the New account page. You will need an email address, and your browser must be compatible with reCaptcha, so we can verify that you are a real person. It may take up to 15 minutes or so for you to receive the confirmation email.

We do not sell or share your email address or personal information to outside parties.

Please do not create multiple accounts; one is sufficient, and makes it easier for us to find you and help you. If you simply need an account with your current email, name, etc. you can update the profile on your existing account.