4.2. No password/Bad password/Old email

If you have ever used this site before, you have an account.
Please, DO NOT CREATE ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTS! It's better for you, and for us, if you keep all your work in one account. Yes, even if you have changed jobs!

"I have an account, but I can't log in"

  • Logging in requires a username and a password. The username is often first initial, last name, e.g. dhuerta (not case-sensitive), and is usually NOT an email address.
  • Your profile does include an email address. What was your email address when your account was set up? (If we created the account for you, we used your work email at that time.)
  • If you can check the email that is linked to your account, then use the Lost password? page. It will ask for your username or your email address, and if there is a match, it will send a password re-set link to that email address.

"My email address has changed, OR I prefer to use a personal email address"

  • If you know your password, you do not need any email address to log in. So:
    • First log in, then
    • Tap the icon at the top right of any page, and "Edit My Profile" to update your email address and other details. 
  • If you DO NOT know your password, AND you don't receive a link from the Lost password? page (or you know the link went to an old email you cannot access), please write to support@hcinlearn.org and give us as much info as you can:
    • Your name, (and any variant spellings you used in the past)
    • Your username, if you know it
    • The old email address that you can't check anymore.
    • Some evidence that you are, in fact, the account holder.
  • We will look you up in the database and, once we verify your identity we will update your email address and re-set your password for you.

"I DO know my password, but I want to change it"

  • Great! Go ahead and log in with your current password. Once you are in, tap the icon at the top right of any page, and choose "Change My Password" to update your password. Store it somewhere safe!

"I have never had an account"

  • Welcome to HCIN Learn, we are happy to have you here! To enroll in courses, you will need a free user account. We don't spam you and we don't share your personal info with anyone. Create your account here.

"I am half-way through a course on one device, and my other device says I am not enrolled"

  • Congratulations, you have two user accounts (Or maybe three?). 
  • You can generally pause on one device, and resume your work on another (We don't advise stopping in the middle of a video or timed activity). So if one device says you are in a course, and the other says no, they are probably logging into different accounts. Check the log-in info for the device that is working correctly, and use that username/password to log in manually on the other device.
  • If that doesn't help, write us at support@hcinlearn.org