7.4. Where is my certificate?

If you have earned a certificate, you will have the opportunity to download it at the conclusion of your course.

  • If you have never seen your certificate:  Check the course Start Page (this is the landing page, when you click on the course title) to make sure you have completed all activities. Use the course index to see if all activities are marked in green. For most courses, successful completion of the Post-Test unlocks the link to the Certificate page.
  • If you had your certificate, but cannot find it: Log in to the site with your Username and Password. You should see the “My Certificates” link in the main navigation. This page lists certificates you have earned since January 2018. 
  • If you need a certificate that is not listed: If you believe you have earned a certificate since 2018, and you don’t see it listed on the “My Certificates” page, check to make sure you are logged into the correct account. Many problems emerge from users having more than one user account.